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Nevada State and Federal Holidays in 2013


2013 Nevada State and Federal Holidays.

Nevada observes several state and federal holidays each year. These holidays are generally observed with a day off of work for state employees as well as public celebrations such as parades and other events. The reason for these holidays is usually to remember people or event’s in the history of the United States. In 2013, these are the dates for each Nevada holiday. (more…)

Michigan Capital

Michigan State and Federal Holidays for 2013


2013 Michigan State Holidays

Official holidays actually consist of several dozens of holidays, some observed while others are not, and all to commemorate special events or persons of significance in the history of the U.S. The following is a listing of Michigan State Holidays along with Federal holidays for 2013. (more…)


Public Holidays New York State 2013


2013 New York State Holidays

If you plan to travel to New York State in 2013, then you need to be aware of the public holidays that will be observed. Below is a list of 2013 public holidays in New York. (more…)


Public Holidays Florida 2013


2013 Floridia Holidays

A public holiday is a holiday created by the law and is normally a non-working day. There are no public national holidays in the United State in the sense of days when all employees in U.S. take a break from work and all business is closed as per the law. The federal government recognizes national holidays if they pertains to federal employees only. Each state or local authority has the discretion to gazette its own official public holidays. As such, let’s have a look at federal holidays for 2013 and Florida State holidays for 2013. Note that Florida doesn’t have any state specific holidays but marks all federal holidays. (more…)


California State Holidays 2013


2013 California Holidays.

The American calendar is marked by numerous holidays either on a worldwide, purely local, secular or religious significance. State-specific and common holidays that are not ranked under the federal status are celebrated differently. Officially, there are 10 holidays provided for by the federal law. (more…)

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