2013 California Holidays.

The American calendar is marked by numerous holidays either on a worldwide, purely local, secular or religious significance. State-specific and common holidays that are not ranked under the federal status are celebrated differently. Officially, there are 10 holidays provided for by the federal law.
Federal Holidays 2013

January 1, New Year’s Day: counted down to midnight of the night before, it serves as the beginning of a brand new year where people make targets for that year.

January 20, Inauguration Day: comes automatically after an election-year to mark the swearing-in of the President.

January 21, Birthday of Martin Luther King, Jr.: celebrated in honor of the legendary civil rights activist.

February 18, Washington’s Birthday: pays tribute to the first President of the US and the legacy of previous Presidents.

May 27, Memorial Day: celebrates all Americans who have fallen in wars.

July 4, Independence Day: the flag flies high and celebrations galore to commemorate the birth of a sovereign nation.

September 2, Labor Day: credits the nation’s working population.

October 14, Columbus Day: honors the Christopher Columbus as the discoverer of the New World.

November 11, Veterans Day: pays tributes to all American heroes who have served in wars which the U.S. has participated.

November 28, Thanksgiving Day: famously marked with turkey dinner to celebrate the autumn harvest.

December 25, Christmas Day: originally a Christian holiday to celebrate the birth of Christ but is now celebrated even by non-Christians.

California State Holidays 2013

Other than the official federal observances, California marks the following days:

February 12, Lincoln’s Birthday: marks the birthday of Abraham Lincoln

April 16-19, California Independent Film Festival:

March 31, Cesar Chavez Day; commemorates the birthday of labor leader Cesar Chavez

September 9, Admission Day; celebrates the day California was acknowledged as the 31st state in 1850

November 29, Day after Thanksgiving: the state extends the previous day’s festivities

When a holiday is considered a federal observance, all federal employees receive a mandatory day off and schools remain closed. If such a holiday falls Sunday, it is celebrated the next day – Monday. If it occurs on a Saturday, it is commemorated the following Friday; although this policy does not have a comprehensive enactment.

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